Removing America, The Restrainer of Evil
By Ray Gano

I have come across several websites that see America in Bible Prophecy. I can not agree with that view. There are very few verses if any that can be applied.

But consider this. What I do know is that America is a nation founded on God, Godly principals, morals, and even doctrines. Our country has helped evangelize the world more than any other country in the world, and to this day we still have more missionaries in the field than most countries.

On the flip side of that, I see our country going down the tubes at warp speed. I also know that this is not just by accident. Take into consideration the latest event.

22 ports in Arab deal, not just 6 as reported
Scope of Dubai firm to stretch from Maine to Gulf of Mexico
By Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Posted: February 24, 2006

Dubai Ports World is scheduled to take over operations at 22 U.S. ports, not six as previously reported by most major media.

According to the website of P&O Ports, the port-operations subsidiary of the London-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (P&O), DPW will pick up stevedore services at 12 East Coast ports including Portland, Maine; Boston; Davisville, R.I.; New York; Newark; Philadelphia; Camden, N.J.; Wilmington, Del.; Baltimore, Md.; and Virginia locations at Newport News, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.

Additionally, DPW will take over P&O stevedoring operations at nine ports along the Gulf of Mexico including the Texas ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur, Galveston, Houston, Freeport, and Corpus Christi, plus the Louisana ports of Lake Charles and New Orleans. (1)

Is it me or is there something horribly wrong here? Take also into consideration that the President comes out first to say he is going to veto any effort to prevent congress from taking steps to stop this action. Then, when congress has the votes to override the veto; all of a sudden the President as well as some of the cabinet start saying ‘ Hey.. we did not know.”

Ever hear that statement “I must be a mushroom because all day long I am kept in the dark and fed only manure.” I have to say that is how I have been feeling this week. Once again my government disappointed me, the very people I have helped elect.

Here is another quote “I did not fall of the turnip truck yesterday.” (it’s a Texas thing) In the words of another colloquialism “I was not born yesterday.”

Being a pre-trib rapture believer, I do not think that we are going to take the express elevator to heaven and then the very next day the Antichrist is going to set up his kingdom and sign a treaty with Israel. A foundation needs to be laid. I strongly feel that a lot of the foundation is being laid prior to the rapture… today.

In looking at American history, we have been the restrainer in not allowing evil to prevail. But it is my opinion that our role as the restrainer is slipping away and even being helped along the way. The enemy is working overtime with his allies to basically take the US out of the picture. This also lines up with what Scriptures states.

My friend Jack Kinsella puts it this way…

The four predicted spheres of global power are already in place. The Gog-Magog Alliance, the Kings of the East, the Kings of the South and the revived Roman Empire all exist in some form today.

Remove the United States of America from the global equation and the world is divided up along the EXACT geopolitical lines the Bible prophesied. Without the United States as the world's only superpower, the only power strong enough to step into the vacuum is the steadily expanding European Union.

Consider this statement carefully. As long as the United States remains the world's most powerful and influential nation, the Tribulation Period CANNOT begin. In a natural sense, it is the United States that currently functions as the 'restrainer' in this world.

No nation could move against Israel in a world dominated by the United States. The Gog-Magog alliance couldn't. The Europeans couldn't. The Islamic 'Kings of the South' are restrained, as are the Kings of the East, by the United States of America. (2)

For the last week we have been hearing about the 6 ports being taken over, I then learn via some research that it is actually 8, two more ports are here in Texas. World Net Daily presented the above article moving it to 22 ports. So how many are there really?

America is being taken out of the picture. It is my opinion that we are seeing our country move toward a very socialist / Marxist country. How many of these items are present in America today?

Here is what The Communist Manifesto can be boiled down to… (3)

1. Abolition of private property.  - The Supreme Court's recent eminent domain ruling

2. Progressive income tax. – Yep Got that one

3. Abolition of inheritance rights – Not quiet, but we have the inheritance tax which many families loose out on due to the tax.

4. Confiscation of property – Again, the Supreme Court's recent eminent domain ruling

5. A central banking system – Yep it is called the Federal Reserve, a private company.

6. Government control over communications and transportation. – Not quiet there, but it is strongly controlled depending on which party you associate yourself with.

7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture – Getting there.

8. Government control of labor. Social Security Number, National ID coming next.

9. Corporate farms and regional planning. It is now called Sustainable Development

10. Free education for children in government-controlled schools. Yep, got that one too.

Much of the world embraces these values as stated above. Not America, so we have to be led there and possibly even forced. But once we are there, the foundation for total control over the global system will be in place for the Antichrist to step right in.

I would encourage you to not delay in receiving Christ as you Savior today if you have not already done so. He died for your sins, and rose from the dead. He offers you eternal life, but that's your choice to make. I hope you will consider doing that today.

Sinners Prayer:

Father in Heaven, I know that I am a sinner in need of a savior. I need your forgiveness through Jesus Christ who died on the cross just for me to cover the sins that I have committed against you. Please forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. I want to live for you Lord Jesus and from this day forward be known as a Child of God. Thank you for forgiving my sins and coming into my life, in Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen

If you are a Christian, but have fallen away from the Lord, come back to Him. Our Heavenly Father is a good and loving Father. Just ask and commune with Him. You see, He never left your side, we just left Him. Reach out and renew your relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior today.

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