The Hidden Manna – (Revelation 2:17)
by Larry Cockerham


The Hidden Manna

By Larry Cockerham

To the overcomer there is given a three-fold promise: (1) he will be given to eat of the hidden manna; (2) he will be given a white stone; and, (3) he will be granted a new name written in the stone.

The manna (Exod 16) was used to feed the children of Israel forty years in the wilderness. It was a type of Christ in that it was (1) a free gift; (2) it came from above; (3) it was ground on the mill; and, (4) it was white to express purity. They tasted, handled and saw the manna, but knew not what it was, as with Christ (See John 1:10). It was divine in origin, indispensable, undeserved, suitable, sufficient, and satisfying.

When the children of Israel reached the land of Canaan, the manna ceased (Josh. 5:12), typifying the eternal rest the Lord will provide for His people when faith will give place to sight. A "golden pot" of manna was placed in the ark of the covenant to be preserved throughout their wilderness journeys.

For the believer in Christ, Jesus is the "true bread" (John 6:32ff.) from heaven, who is now "hidden" during this present age. Warren Wiersbe observes, "instead of eating ˜things sacrificed to idols" (Rev. 2:14), the believers in Pergamos needed to feast on God's holy food, the bread of life found in Jesus Christ through the Word (John 6:32ff; Matt. 4:4)." This certainly speaks to modern society today as our western civilization continues to move farther away from the Word of God.

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