Article Index by Grant Phillips


Article Index By Grant Phillips

  1. Why Are God's People Hated?
  2. Is Death the End of Life?
  3. White Washed Sepulchres
  4. Are We In The Last Days?
  5. The Stage Is Nearly Set
  6. The Millennium
  7. Is The Rapture Still Imminent?
  8. The Rapture
  9. Christianity Or Religion?
  10. The Downturn of America

About the Author:

Grant has pastored six churches, has been a Bible teacher for Christ during his life and has recently been called to minister by music to those in local retirement centers and nursing facilities.

Grant no longer pastors or teaches Bible classes, but has always wanted to write, but never did until September of 2010. He had finally had enough of what he was witnessing in the downfall of our churches and wrote an article called “What Has Happened To The Church?” He submitted the article to “Rapture Ready,” and they were gracious enough to post it. Since that time, he has been called to continue to write on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Grant lives in southeastern Kentucky with his wife, Debbie, and hosts a blog site called “Pre-Rapture Commentary”



Pre-Rapture Commentary:


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