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Why is the Tribulation period seven years long?
The time period of the Tribulation is based on Daniel 9:24-27. The seventy weeks (heptads) equal 490 years. Each week is seven years long. The "week" of Daniel 9:27 has not been completed as yet. Christ was "cut off" (crucified) at the end of 483 years and there is one week left over; hence, the seven year Tribulation or Daniel's Seventieth Week.

What is the purpose of the Tribulation?
The reasons for the Tribulation are twofold: first, to bring God's judgment upon a Christ-rejecting world; and secondly, to prepare a remnant of the Jewish people to meet their long-awaited Messiah.

Who is the White Horse Rider mentioned in Revelation chapter six, verse two?
This first horseman is not Christ, but one who comes in His name. This evil personage is known by many names, primarily as the Antichrist or Beast. He has a bow but no arrows, indicating that he shall "come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries" (Dan. 11:21,24). He will rise to power through the voluntary alliance of ten western European nations uniting under a one-world government. As the "prince that shall come" (Dan. 9:26), he will lead Israel into signing an international peace pact which Isaiah describes as a "covenant with death, and with hell" (Isa. 28:15, 18). This treaty will guarantee the Jewish nation not only a time of peace and security, but also an occasion to rebuild their temple.

Who are the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation chapter seven?
Between the sixth and seventh seal is an interval concerning two groups of people who will be on earth during this time. The first company are the 144,000 Jewish "evangelists" who will preach the gospel of the kingdom (Matt. 24:14) to the whole world. Twelve thousand of these saved Israelites will be sealed by God from each of the twelve tribes. Just as Noah and his family were preserved safely through the flood, these 144,000 Jewish believers will also be protected through the Tribulation hour.

Who are the Blood-Washed multitude of Revelation Chapter seven?
These are Gentile believers who have been martyred for their faith. They have come out of the Great Tribulation and have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. Their white robes symbolize righteousness and the palms are significant of the victory they've won over the Beast and false prophet. They attribute their salvation to God and the Lamb and are a direct result of the ministry of the 144,000 Jewish missionaries who've risked their lives to proclaim Christ to all the nations of the world. Their sufferings and trials being over, these believers now serve God forever in continual bliss.

If I reject Christ now, can I be saved after the Rapture?
There are a great many Bible teachers who strongly believe that only those who have not willfully rejected the Savior in this present age will have an opportunity to be saved during the Tribulation period. Other scholars believe that as long as a person is alive he still has an opportunity to be saved, even during the Tribulation hour. But if a person accepts the mark of the beast during this period, he will have doomed himself to an eternity of damnation forever. It seems that the person who accepts the mark will knowingly understand the consequences of his actions when he makes this decision.

What will be the size of my heavenly home the New Jerusalem?
The measurements of the city are staggering when compared to human standards. The angel having a golden reed (10' length), measures the city and finds it to be 12,000 furlongs (approx. 1,500 miles), with the length, breadth, and height equal (Rev. 21:16). This would be roughly the distance from Maine to Florida and from the Atlantic Ocean to the state of Colorado. The point is that there will be plenty of room for every saint of God from Abel to those saved during the kingdom age to live in the celestial new Jerusalem.

What will be the shape of the celestial city?
The shape of the heavenly city is "foursquare" (Rev. 21:16), with the length, breadth, and height being "equal." Most scholars view the city as in the shape of a cube. Others believe the heavenly city will have the configuration of a pyramid; the throne being at the top of the city, with the river of life issuing forth from underneath. The Holy of Holies in the tabernacle was a perfect cube as well as the Most Holy Place in the temple of Solomon (1 Kgs. 6:20). Although the heavenly Jerusalem will possibly be patterned after the earthly Holy of Holies, it will be on a heavenly scale, unfathomable in its vast dimensions to the human mind.

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