The Throne In Heaven (Rev. 4:1-11)
by Larry Cockerham


The Throne In Heaven (Rev. 4:1-11)

By Larry Cockerham

Next John witnesses a door in heaven open and hears a voice saying, "Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter." John is representative of the church, which will be raptured at the close of this age. He then describes God as a jasper and sardine stone (precious jewels) that would have adorned the high priest's breastplate. An emerald-colored rainbow completely encircles the throne reminding him of the covenant God made with Noah ensuring the earth would never again be destroyed by water.

The twenty-four elders around the throne are representative of the church, which has already been judged, rewarded and is now seated on thrones. In the Old Testament David divided the entire priesthood into twenty-four courses; in the New Testament the believer belongs to a redeemed royal priesthood that offers up spiritual sacrifices unto God.

John now sees before the throne a sea of glass symbolizing the holiness of God. Around the throne are four beasts that continually praise and give glory to God. These creatures represent God's creative order and are similar to the seraphim and cherubim found in Isaiah and Ezekiel. Next we see the glorified church praising God around the throne with the four living beings. I can imagine we'll be doing a lot of this in heaven!

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