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By: Jack Kelley
In the past couple of years it has become even clearer that Isaiah's prophecy of the destruction of Damascus will soon come to fulfillment, perhaps being part of the Psalm 83 scenario I've written about. If so, it would explain why Syria is not included among the coalition of Moslem nations who will gather against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38. Updating our study of Isaiah 17 seems a fitting conclusion to our recent reviews of Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83....(read entire article)
By: Terry James
Crises and potential crises surround us during every waking moment. Except for those who are oblivious to what is going on in this nation and world today, the cultural and societal pathway ahead disappears into the anxiety-laden darkness of the unknown. Rather than take on the entire world and its problems in this regard, I will, for our purposes in this commentary, stick to analyzing the fearful future of this nation I love. ..."(read entire article)
Bible Prophecy
By: Jim Bramlett
Bible prophecy is a compelling subject. History, current events, and the Bible all shout to any discerning person that we are standing on the edge of time and eternity. No subject could be more captivating. But how many are listening? Most people are oblivious...."(read entire article)
Bible Study
By: Ray Gano
Over the past week or so I have been reading Isaiah. To be honest I am blown away at the similarities mentioned about Israel and then looking at modern day America. I am not promoting some replacement theology idea or anything like that; but I do believe that when people or nations turn their backs on God, the laws of nature, God's Law, comes into play.... (read entire article)
By: Stephen Yulish
Feast of Trumpets. It only began on new moon when two witnesses said so and the head of the Sanhedrin agreed thus each year nobody knew the exact day or hour (Matthew 24:36). Leviticus 23:24-32 says that the"first day of the seventh month, Tishri, will be a day of rest, reminder, and blowing of the shofar-a holy convocation...(read entire article)
Bible Prophecy
By: Grant Phillips
The Church has always been in the last days of the Church age, because the removal, or Rapture, has always been imminent. It could happen at any time. So why is God waiting so long, at least in our view? (read entire article)
Bible Prophecy
By: Ron Graham
In the last few weeks the extreme rhetoric that has been tossed back and forth by Iran, Russia, the US, and Israel is striking to say the least. After my commentary entitled “Hybrids” was posted to the internet a few weeks ago people have been asking me “What’s next?” So what is next? Well, what’s the whole world witnessing today? (read entire article)
By: Don Koenig
Some have asked me how close we are to the prophesied end time events of the Bible and the promise of the second coming of Jesus. I am not setting a date but I have been indicating in my articles that by what I see taking place in the world, that all events are very likely to take place within two to three decades... (read entire article)
By: Amil Imani
The dictionary defines religion as, "The expression of man's belief and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe." By this definition Islam qualifies as religion, so do numberless others. A definition this broad is ambiguous and must be further defined with the specific tenets and practices of the belief...(read entire article)
End Times Bible Prophecy
By: Britt Gillette
Is America in bible prophecy? This is one of the most common questions from contemporary students of bible prophecy, particularly those who live in the United States. Bible prophecy reveals much about the end times, yet the United States seems conspicuously absent from the geopolitical picture foretold by the prophets. Given the seeming nearness of Christ's return, this is difficult for most people to understand. After all, the United States is currently the most powerful and influential nation on earth. How then can it play no role in end time events?..."(read entire article)

Revelation: Prophetic Addresses to the Seven Churches
by Larry W. Cockerham

Originally published in 1995 this work focuses primarily on the seven churches of Revelation. These letters describe the conditions that existed during the time of John's writing and were local assemblies located in Asia Minor. The letters reveal their representative nature as well as seven periods or ages existing from Pentecost till the end of the church era. The association or parallelism between the seven churches and the seven parables of Matthew 13 plus the mysteries of the Bible are compared. Chapters concerning the long-awaited rapture of the church, the judgment seat of Christ and the marriage supper of the Lamb is explored. From there the church journeys to its final destination, the celestial city of the New Jerusalem.

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